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MGO «Archive»

Russian Version

Municipal government office of the municipality Yeisk district "Archive" (MGO "Archive")

герб Ейский район_120 arhivЭмблема архива_120

Address: 353680, Krasnodar territory, Yeysk region, Yeysk, Sverdlova str., 150, building "Dom Bita", 4th floor

Director - Yuliya Leonidovna Pulatova

tel. (8-86132) 2-27-57, 2-28-02

Fax (8-86132) 2-27-57

E-mail: arhiv@yeiskraion.ru

Web Page OK.RU


Dear users!


We are glad to welcome You on our web page of the official website of Municipal Education of Yeysk region!

Web page MGO "Archive" is created with an aim to guarantee of rights of citizens and organizations to access information on the activities of the Yeysk municipal archives and the archival funds and documents. Today, the Yeysk municipal archive is one of the largest archives in the Krasnodar region and has 20 archives, more than 1.250 archival funds and more than 130 thousand storage units. Every year, the archive is refilled with new documents on different types of storage media. Its employees successfully master new types of archival work and introduce modern methods of using archival documents that are highly requested by researchers in the archive's reading room. More than 7 thousand people per year use the Municipal service "Provision of archival certificates, archival extracts and archival copies". The total number of users of archived information is up to 10 thousand people per year.

We hope that You will find the necessary actual and useful information in different partitions of the web page!

Sincerely, the team of MGO "Archive”

The main goal of the activity of MGO "Archive" is to ensure compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation on local authorities of the municipality Yeysk region:

  • ensuring the safety, complication and use of documents of the Archival Fund of the Russian Federation, as well as other archival documents related to the municipal property of the municipality education Yeysk region;
  • in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation ,the Krasnodar Territory, regulatory acts of the municipality of Yeysk region.

The subject of activity MGO «Archive» is ensuring safety, picking (forming) accounting and usage documents of archival fund of Russian Federation and other archival funds referencing to municipal property of municipal education Yeysk region, also provision municipal services to legal persons, other organizations and citizens. 

Working hours

9.00-18.00 (Friday - till 17.00)

Break 13.00-14.00

Work in a reading room of archive 9.00-15.00 every day

Citizens reception is in a Multifunctional centre (Adress: Armavirskaya street, 45/6

Phone number 3-71-61

Working hours: MC (Multifunctional Centre)  (without break)


8-00 - 18-00


8-00 - 18-00


8-00 - 18-00


9-00 - 20-00


8-00 - 18-00


8-00 - 15-00


Day off


List of documents required for execution of requests.

To provide a municipal service, the applicant (his representative) submits the following documents to the multifunctional center (MC), to the archive (by e-mail)

  • a written request for the issuance of an archived certificate, extracts  and copies of the archived document;
  • a document proving the identity of the applicant or his representative, who in turn presents a document confirming the authority of an individual to act on behalf of the applicant;
  • a copy of the employment record (when fulfilling requests for confirmation of work experience, including preferential, specialty, salary, allowances and benefits in accordance with the pension legislation of the Russian Federation).

Archived certificates for personnel documents in electronic format are not provided to applicants. (In accordance with the existing legislation "On the protection of personal information")